It’s starting to drive us mad, it almost sounds like the noise a fridge makes but constantly – we have even switched off fridge to see if it was that!! At times goes to 59 The display panel shows 79 to 80 dog all the time even when cold what could cause this to happen? Does that sound right? I have a Vaillant boiler and was wondering if the fittings (elbows and 45degree) and pipes can be installed externally??? Water Temp set at 35 but Water still comes out at Scalding Point when the CENTRAL HEATING IS ON, when off, water returns to normal, i would run it at 40,. This morning when heating didn’t come on I notice the pressure was down. Much appreciate any help thx, I have a eco max pro with fault code 11 flashing and its turned red. Page 1 Set-up instructions Air/flue systems ecoTEC plus, ecoFIT sustain, ecoFIT pure GB, IE Publisher/manufacturer Vaillant GmbH Berghauser Str. I have an ecotec 838 exclusive, Its running two central heating zones, but when either zone requests heat it seems to take a long time to heat up and the screen is constantly showing overrun and water deficiency messages. However, for Vaillant EcoTEC Plus models, it’s a little different, as they use a built-in filling loop. Any ideas? What should i do? Summary of Contents for Vaillant ecoFIT pure Page 1 Operating instructions For the operator Operating instructions ecoFIT pure 825 - 835 GB, IE Publisher/manufacturer Vaillant GmbH Berghauser Str. The problem lies when I try going to the controller and turning the heat up for the radiators, which stay Luke warm and just don’t heat up. I have had a certified engineer to look at it but he cant find anything wrong Whilst changing these, its worthwhile replacing the `PRV`. I have no water from any hot tap. replaced but that made no difference and so the old one went back in. Landlords: Service vs Maintenance Contracts [What You’re Actually Paying For], Worcester Boiler Service Costs: A Detailed Guide. The thread sizes on the standard filler loop flexihose of a Vaillant ecoTec Plus 831 are 1/4" and 3/8". I’ve been told by the help desk more than likely it’s going to be the PCB? I have to have my combi boiler replaced and have been recomended either a intergas eco rf or hre, or a vaillant ecofit pure 835, which is better. During this time the indicator light for the hot water is off. I have a Vaillant ECO tech boiler – 2 years old. A few weeks on l’ve noticed water leaking from a 90° bend indicating the same problem. Any ideas on what is wrong? Pachetul contine: - centrala termica Vaillant VUW 236/7-2; - kit evacuare gaze de ardere; - consola de prindere pe perete Centrala de 20,2 kW (50/30 gr. We obviously shouldn’t have to do this everyday. I only have hot water when the heating is on! Hi I’ve just had united utilites to check water they said only deal with cold my hot is coming out white why ? Glaslyn. Could it be that the boiler gets too hot or simply suffercates, I’ve got hot water but the heating do not come on, Hi John, The first thing I know is that there is the red illuminated light at the top of the light bar that shows you what is going on. Any suggestions. My fiddling with water pressure and trying only show spark but no sustained operation. I am unsure as to the responsibility of BG in this matter, I think they should repipe the afending pipe under the siphon trap.I would be very much obliged for any help with this problem. Centrala termica in condensatie VAILLANT EcoTEC Pure VUW 286/7-2 oferă datorită funcției de preîncălzire Aqua-Comfort-System, un debit stabil de apă caldă pentru duș sau baie, fără timp de așteptare și având în acest fel și un consum redus de apă. 40 D-42859 Remscheid Tel. The hot water works fine when I call for it but when I ask for Heat the flame comes on and after about 30-40 seconds it goes out. It supplies hot water but no heating. If I was getting hot water from these taps previously why cant I get hot water now? After doing that the water is continuosly cold with initial warm water for few seconds then really cold. The engineer came... Vaillant ecoTec plus 831 leaking internally, pressure drop, no hot water. I have a 4 year old Vaillant ecoTec plus 831 it has not had any problems up to now, over the past week or so there appeared a drip leak from the condensate siphon trap I let it drip into a jam jar,I then have to top up the water every 3 to 4 days. Can it be helped ? Este o centrala termica in condensatie … When I turn shower back to normal it makes a whirling sound for a few seconds and then no water will come out of hot tap. Vaillant ecoTEC plus buzzing until hot water tap turned on. Water comes out of the hot tap then trickles off. I have to manually reset it by turning the two gray levers. MY VAILLANT MINI 11-01 RED LIGHT FLASHES AND THE WATER GOES COLD WHEN I AM IN THE SHOWER HAVE REPLACED GAS BOTTLE, MANUAL SAYS THERE COULD BE AIR IN GAS SUPPLY BUT HOW CAN I STOP THIS OR ANY OTHER IDEA’S PLEASE. had a new ignition probe etc fitted still no joy. Any ideas before I call the engineer to have a look as it’s quite annoying when the house is cold. Please can you advise Hey, I recently installed a Vaillant Home Combi 35. I have a Vaillant ecoTECpro 28 boiler installed Nov 2012. Thank you. can you help please, Hi i have a eco max pro that has fault code 11 flashing and its turned red can you advise me ? However, I have no hot water! Len. We have a vaillant Eco TEC plus 438. I have a vaillant eco tec plus 831. I’m definite they’re all pushed correctly. Ihave a Eco tech pro , it keeps losing pressure , its about 10 yrs old , i have bled the radiators , but to no avail , it still losing pressure , any ideas ? However if heating is on all is well no codes no firing issues etc. Hi John, does anyone have any ideas? Vaillant has their own dedicated service engineers, and more recently have made a large investment in Scotland by building a dedicated training centre. I have to have my combi boiler replaced and have been recomended either a intergas eco rf or hre, or a vaillant ecofit pure 835, which is better. How efficient is the ecoFIT Pure 430? Any ideas please as my heating engineer is at a loss too. I hv valliant ecotec pro 28 r1.while gettg water level through valve.if we dont move the valve back down aftr water level is up.what can happen vid it.can it cause major damage. So now no hot water let alone luke warm. In summertime it runs without faults, but ind winter when it gets cold alround 0 degres the boiler goes on lockout. Last night it felt chilly and I moved the boiler control to a slightly higher temp setting (65). The ecoFIT Pure 430 has a high efficiency rating of 94% and ErP A-rating for heat. Hi my valiant boiler is having fault f28..but as soon as I reset that button it goes to normal again.This happen only when water is cold or weather is cold. So a plumber said to change the heater plate, did that and problem still stayed. What do you think is the cause. He thinks it’s either a diverter valve or the thermostat. What do I do? I have a magcleaner fitted on the return, 7 rads on zone 1, 6 on zone 2, and 1 on the pre zone loop. Is this normal? Principalul schimbător de căldură este din oțel inoxidabil. Vaillant Ecotec 831. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year I’ve got a vaillant turbomax that keeps throwing me an F28 error code. If the code F75 is flashing in your display, the fault is most likely to do with the boiler’s sensor not being aware that the pump has started running – so failing to notice a change in pressure. its only just three years old. Your e-mail address will not be published. The heating is fine but I have no hot water. Boiler is just over two years old and has been serviced as recommended. Scroll down to find the manual you want or use the search bar to search by the boiler name or gas council number.Gas101 is still under construction, and we are continuously updating our collection of boiler manuals. 40 D-42859 Remscheid Tel. It recently had the PCB board (?) I have a vanilla tea exoteric pro 28 and last night noted that it had switched off at the mains and when I turned itback in and refilled the tank and the bar went up I though it was ok until I noted the thermostat and the boiler were not communicating and the heating is on permanently. We had to use the boiler as joule not afford to get someone to fix the flue but now the boiler is not working properly as we have hot water but no heating someone came out and said it was the diverted vaulve which was broken and needs to be changed. also, the radiators come on even when they are turned off at the boiler. Shoulc I worry about this.Many thanks. i have a vaillant VK654/9 – 1654/9 there is a beeping sound and a voice saying low battery, I cannot find were the battery is located. 16. Any idea where to look first? If there is a spark, check the power to the gas valve and see if gas is flowing through. The wireless control panel is telling me it’s 21 degrees but it isn’t, it’s pretty chilly so I’m then setting the heating to 24 and so on. Would love your thoughts on this. Home Forums > Screwfix Community Forum > Plumbers' Talk > Vaillant EcoTec pro 28 - pump Discussion in ' Plumbers' Talk ' started by woods100 , Dec 6, 2020 at 11:52 AM . Mine is 20 year old the 242 E model and just had the same issue .we changed the Flow switch ( Vaillant 151041 cost £30 ) now all working again, Hi John, when I call for heating on my Vaillant ecotecplus 824 it seems to take 20-30 mins before it goes to full fire. For EcoTEC Plus models, look below the boiler; there should be two grey levers which will have ‘closed’ written on them – each should be sitting at the ‘quarter to 3’ position (if it were a clock). Hi, i have a 3 year old vaillant ecoTech pro 28. until recently i have been delighted with it. I have a Vaillant Turbomax Pro 24 E. The heating has stopped working altogether. There is no particular pattern to the noise, and will happen under different circumstances each time. I have a valiant boiler ? The pressure keeps dropping down to 0 , I turn the pressure gauge around and brought it up t1.5bars, Vaillant ecoTEC pure VUW 236/7-2, Centrale termice pe gaz,Default Store View. Last night it felt chilly and I moved the boiler control to a slightly higher temp setting (65). hello, I need to change the batteries in my thermostat and the manual says to “carefully push the retaining hook to the side using a small... Vaillant ecoTEC boiler under gassed & 14mb. I have Vaillant ecoTec plus 831. We have a the ecoTec plus 824. Many thanks. In comparatie cu aparatele de If the code F29 flashes up, the manual will probably tell you something along the lines of ‘flame extinguished’. I have a Valiant ecotc plus831 R1, about 6 years old, it was always working fine till now . Check your flue, extensions and bends are connected properly and have not come apart. a few times lately the clock on my ecomax boiler has lost one hour over night so the heating did not come on we think the boiler is about 10 years old, Hi, Initially i started getting luke warm/hot/cold water in the shower. Here is a list of Vaillant boiler manuals. currently side... Three years ago our CH system was completely renewed by a reputable gas-safe registered local company. I have to refire it with the switch. I have a vaillant ectec boiler, the t140 programmer is playing up. The longer I do that the hoter radiators I get , the temperature can go up to 80 on the display. In terms of the Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 825, we’d rank this at a 6/10. When we have the heating on the radiators seem to take a while to become hot, also the little graph symbol on the boiler shows the burner to be operating at a very low level. Re: Vaillant Ecotec combi boiler problem Got a similar one myself, the guy who fitted it said they are very good boilers (he also fitted the previous one, said it was crap, and it was). For this review, we will be focusing on the Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 832, which is the replacement for the Vaillant ecoTEC […] Fill the water over 1.5bar what shall I do, I have a turbomax about 10 years old stated coming up with F22 fault but pressure above 1.5 bar I had a plumber come today as our boiler continually turns off with a F.62... Hi, The central heating system has been protected with Sentinal products every couple of years after the system has been flushed and has operated without fault. The radiator symbol also isn’t shown on the boiler screen. I have eco tech pro. i have a Valliant condenser boiler, with the central heating on and the hot water off the hot water comes on of its own accord intermitentlly to an excessively high temperature. I did turn the single valve, and heard a noise, but after a good 10 -15 seconds, there was no change in the pressure gauge reading and I stopped in case I made it worse. I’ve got an 831 plus that I set on the timer. Hi i have had it serviced twice in the last 6 months. I’ve looked in … Now, with the boiler off for approx two hours, the boiler temp is 41 degrees. Hi John. The original inventor of the combi boiler, Vaillant has been at the forefront of German heating and engineering excellence for the past few decades. If not, you should replace the ignition leads as this may fix the problem. I am a at loss to what it could be if not the PCB…. If I turn indicator on shower to cold, I get cold water from the hot taps. Just got a response back from Vaillant. How Much Should My Annual Boiler Service Cost? Appreciate any advice. Recently however the boiler has started to switch to Anti-Cycling mode (fault code S.8 or S.28) -which then rapidly cools the central heating and water down . View online or download Vaillant ecoTEC pure VC 146/7-2 Operating Instructions Manual The Ecotec Pro, is a very basic cut down version of the boiler that was produced by Vaillant for the new build market primarily. I’ve just spoken to a gas engineer by phone and he told me that it wouldn’t be the low pressure that was causing my heating to not work….is this correct? it trickles from the tap then stops and is cold. Downstairs is fine and the cold water upstairs is fine. It is now driving me crazy. Any info would be appreciated. Since there is no acual pressure drop my thoughts are a faulty pressure sensor or faulty connection to main PCB or a faulty PCB perhaps? Any suggestion as to why the pressure went so high. Could this be the circuit board? Can you advise me. This indicates your water pressure is low, which happens to be probably the most common boiler fault of all. I have power at the boiler, and the controller. Uite ce propune Vaillant cu acest model nou: Centrala cu condensare Vaillant ecoTEC pure ofera functiile esentiale pentru indeplinirea asteptarilor clientilor in materie de incalzire, preparare apa calda menajera si pret avantajos. I have recently bought a new house that has a vaillant economic TED plus boiler. How do I override a faulty thermostat? Open both of these valves a quarter turn, so you won’t be able to read ‘closed’ – they should now be at the 12:30 position. I've just had the diverter valve in my four year old Vaillant Eco pro 28 replaced- £235 ! Why does the outer case of my boiler get too hot to touch is this dangerous, sir and how much will cost to fix, Hi I have a turbo max plus 824E. The ecoFIT pure’s powerful aluminum heat exchanger which offers outstanding performance and low energy consumption for any home. If I leave Comfort Mode turned on, it’ll produce some hot water and then run cold — water heating on demand doesn’t happen. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I have an ECO PRO 24 and I notices this morning the hot water pressure is very low upstairs in the bathroom. AJ, Hi I have like warm water and luke warm hot water Then 230v L-N-E from a fused spur straight to the boiler. some days ive got hot water and heating and some nothing An engineer has been out four times – have had sensors, diverted valve and heat exchange plates replaced, engineer has now run out of ideas.

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